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The Dream-eater Michael Ende

The Dream-eater

Michael Ende

Published October 19th 1978
ISBN : 9780460068840
26 pages
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 About the Book 

German children might be the luckiest children in the world, because they have Michael Ende who I think is the best childrens author ever. Everything of his Ive read I love and it always makes me wish my German was better! Technically Bill read this to me, and we went through and translated all the bits I didnt get into English. It is a great childrens bedtime story. Its about the Princess in the land of dreams who cant sleep because she is troubled with bad dreams. Her dad, the King, goes on a quest to try and find a cure for her and eventually comes across the little dream eater, a bizarre blue creature with spiky hair that ends up eating the Princesses bad dreams. Its a lovely story and the illustrations are glorious. Bizarre dream pictures of fish birds, trees with hands and faces and lots of ravens.